Bringing the city to the countryside


What is Proyecto Los Aires?

We are two young people following our family tradition of OLIVE GROVE in Toledo, but with a new objective: Getting back to basics.

With this idea, we create Proyecto Los Aires and take our first step:

“Bringing you fresh, natural, extra virgin olive oil – straight from the field to your doorstep, and in conversion to organic”.

– No middlemen involved.

– Respectful to source farmers and the environment.

– Freshness is the key to its unimaginable quality. You won’t let a drop on your plate.


A ONE-minute guide to our unique olive oil and Proyecto Los Aires.

You don´t get oil like this any more!

Laura Toledano´s pictures will transport you to the heart of our olives groves.


How do we do it?

In the field, we visit and care for our trees every day. We use no pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers and adhere strictly to farming models that respect the region’s agroecosystem.


What will you find in this blog?

– Information on how to purchase our unique olive oil – limited to a short production

– A detailed insight into the production of our olives and the process by which our olive oil is made

– Updates on our annual production

– News and offers!


As it is sure you love olive oil, and you are interested in how our project progresses, follow us through:

our blog, facebook and/or twitter

We are always delighted to hear your questions and feedback.


If you want to try our extra virgin olive oil, you can order it through our webshop or contact us.

We will bring it to you.


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