Proyecto Los Aires and the Launch of Los Aires Olive Oil!

Proyecto Los Aires and its olive oil Los Aires launch!

2013 Proyecto Los Aires’ launch. Photo by Laura Toledano: On mirrors.
After a couple of weeks after Proyecto Los Aires’ launch, we now can say:

It was a pleasure to share our project with you!

We had a great reception, unexpected surprises, and everything decorated with the perfect cienmilcuartos decorating work only suitable for design geniuses and charming hairdressers Alberto Tamayo Peluqueros that we all could enjoy.

The catering service worked perfectly round the hand of Mary, Marieta, Leticia, Sergio and David. Not to mention the quality of the cut of cheese from our parents who gave the touch an oil tasting evening.

For us, it was the first time we open the doors of Proyecto Los Aires and we are very happy with your great involvement and curiosity.

As we promised, hereby we leave the results of your oil tastings and we congratulate you on how well you did.

Resultados de la cata de aceite de oliva Los Aires
Compiled data from the Los Aires extra virgin olive oil tasting by the public who attended the launch of Proyecto Los Aires.

In addition we discovered that most of you would like us to organize environmental education sessions, visit to the mill, tastings and photography. So, we get down to work!

If you want to know who did we prepared the details and see how beautiful you were that night and get your picture in the cienmilcuartos ‘s photocall.

Proyecto Los Aires remains open to any suggestions!

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