Invest in science, invest in life

Invest in science, invest in life

Today we talk about «Pasos solidarios frente al cáncer» (which means «Solidary steps against Cancer»): the new draft of Helena Andrade, collaborator of Fudación Cris Contra el Cáncer (Cris Foundation Against Cancer).

Helena has decided donning their hiking boots and be the guide for everyone who wants to join to make a part of the Camino de Santiago in June in order to raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

Los Aires can not accompany them on this adventure but we want to do our bit by donating a part of everything we raise during the months of April and May before the road.

And, if the ants can move mountains, imagine what a group of Homo sapiens might move!

Picture from Andrey Pavlov «Statue of Labour». Thank you Andrey!

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