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Who is behind Proyecto los Aires?

Proyecto Los Aires was born as a result of the innovation of a small family farm in Toledo.

PLA is made up of Guillermo and Laura, two young biologists who are committed to organic farming, quality extra virgin olive oil and consumer education.

One of the first steps to take was to develop a quality oil to ensure a fair price at origin. We know that it is possible to sell the best extra virgin olive oil at a good price for the consumer in such a way that we all benefit.

Proyecto Los Aires from Verónica P. Granado on Vimeo.

Laura y Guillermo show us their olive groves in Arcicóllar (Toledo), where we learn to taste the oil and even plant olive trees. Video commissioned by ¡La Colmena Que Dice Sí!


Prizes that have been awarded to the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we produce and that make us feel very proud.

Meet the team


Laura Toledano:

A biologist by profession, she never goes out without her camera, a few different lenses and an immense mixture of enthusiasm and patience so that we can enjoy and remember the best moments in detail.

She always offers her personal look to be the eyes of those who want to know our project.


Designer Team

cienmilCUARTOS are Cris and Javi, trained architects who are passionate about design and the creative soul of Proyecto Los Aires.

They have created our image, our label, our products and everything for which we need a creative mind.


The “Foodie”

Leah is the “Foodie” of the group, in charge of bringing us closer to her contacts who have helped us so much to promote oil tourism.

A design-loving photographer who has managed to combine her passion for healthy eating with the pleasure of writing about it.



Mathew is our translator. Self-taught and curious, he looks for the root of each word and memorizes conversations in another language by listening to them just once.


Agricultural tasks

Active and energetic, he helps us with the work in the fields and collaborates with his best ideas so that our olive trees grow healthy and we produce the oil from a healthy and well-cared-for olive.


The engineer

The brainiac of the team, always with tricks to solve small unforeseen events.

He builds machines with his own hands, invents hacks that take hours away from your work and designs plans to improve the facilities.

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Adopt an olive tree!

Adopt an olive tree from our “Proyecto Los Aires” farm in Arcicóllar and receive your harvest at home in the form of organic extra virgin olive oil. In this way you will be supporting organic and sustainable agriculture.

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Do you have any doubts? Do you want to know more about our project? Write us if you want to come in a group or customize your route. We will be delighted to speak with you, leave us your message and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for getting here!


C/Eusebia Roncero, 2
45182 Arcicóllar, Toledo



+34 686630649



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