Proyecto Los Aires

Somos Guillermo y Laura y este es nuestro sueño. Producimos Aceite de Oliva Virgen extra con mucha ilusión y te lo mostramos en visitas guiadas de Oleoturismo en Toledo.

About Us

What is PLA?

Proyecto Los Aires grew out of a process of innovation at a small family farm in Toledo.

PLA is composed of Guillermo and Laura, two young biologists who are passionate about organic farming, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and educating consumers.

One of the first steps was to create a quality olive oil in order to ensure a fair price at source. We know it’s possible to sell the best extra virgin olive oil at an attractive price for the consumer and to the benefit of everyone involved.

Proyecto los aires agricultura ecológica

What do we do?

We’ve restored our family’s olive trees, which are over 200 years old, in order to continue the family tradition of olive farming.

We care for our centuries-old olive groves based on the principles of organic farming

We produce extra virgin olive oil from early-harvested Cornicabra olives in less than seven hours using a cold-pressing technique.

We develop oleotourism activities so that you can learn all about the world of olives, extra virgin olive oil and organic farming

What do we offer?

Organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Produced from 100% organically farmed Cornicabra olives, which are harvested as their colour changes from green to purple and then cold-pressed

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Oleotourism in Toledo. Tours through the  grove

Enjoy a stroll through our olive trees, an olive oil tasting course, and lunch in the olive grove. Madrid’s best oleotourism experience, just 20 minutes from Toledo.

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Olive oil tasting courses

We teach you to differentiate between different qualities and varieties of olive oil and explain why these differences emerge. Enjoy our extra virgin olive oil tasting course in the olive grove, at your workplace, or in the comfort of your own home.

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Personalised gifts for weddings and events

We can personalise your bottles so that you can offer extra virgin olive oil as a gift at your event, wedding, or company party

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Where are we?


The olive trees are located in Arcicóllar, a small village near Toledo surrounded by fields of vegetables, olive groves, and vineyards. The area traditionally produces more wine than it does oil, but both products are of excellent quality.

We’re very close to Madrid (about 50 minutes by car; an hour and a quarter by SAMAR bus) and to Toledo (20 minutes by car; 30 minutes by bus).

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The team in full

laura toledano fotógrafa
Leah foodie proyecto los aires
Matt traductor proyecto los aire
Laura Toledano:

A biologist by profession, she never leaves the house without her camera, allowing us to enjoy and remember the best moments in detail. She always offers her own unique perspective, providing an insight into our project for all those who are interested.

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design team

cienmilCUARTOS are Cris and Javi. Trained architects with a passion for design, they are the creative team behind Proyecto Los Aires. They designed our logo, our labels, our products and everything that needs a creative touch.



As the “blogger” of the group, Leah helps us reach a wider network that has done so much to promote oleotourism. A photographer and writer who is passionate about exploring Madrid, she is creator of the blog.


Madrid No Frills


Matt is our translator. An independent and curious learner, he seeks out the root of every word and instantly commits whole conversations in foreign languages to memory.

matias ingeniero
Wanja holanda
agricultural work

Always active and energetic, Ismael helps with our work in the fields and lends his expert advice so that our olive trees can grow into wholesome specimens, allowing us to extract oil from healthy, well-nurtured olives.

the engineer

The boffin of the team, he always has a trick up his sleeve to solve pesky unforeseen problems.

Building machines with his bare hands, he invents quick fixes to save us hours of work and plans improvements to our facilities.

sales in the Netherlands

Possibly the best-looking marketing specialist in the agri-foodstuffs industry. He worked with us at the olive grove for a few months, learning about the world of organic farming and olive oil. Now he has embarked upon the task of taking our project to the Netherlands

Contact details

C/Visitación 12
45182 Arcicóllar, Toledo

Guillermo: 686.63.26.49
Laura: 620.38.12.33




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Proyecto Los Aires
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