Cornicabra in olive oil Los Aires

Cornicabra in olive oil Los Aires

Our olives belong to the Cornicabra variety, which has a distinctive shape that comes to a point resembling an insect’s sting.

Aceituna cornicabra
Cornicabra olives show a «Sting» as main characteristic

The Cornicabra tree is steeped in history. Over the course of many generations, it has been carefully selected not only for its favourable taste and the quality of the oil it produces, but also for its unrivalled ability to adapt to Spain’s ever-changing growing conditions.

The Cornicabra tree is found only in Spain, specifically in Toledo and Ciudad Real where droughts in summer and frosts in winter come very frequently. Its supreme durability throughout these extreme seasons means that the Cornicabra tree is one of the most broadly distributed varieties in the region – and is the one we use to produce our oil.

Each olive variety imparts specific characteristics to its oil. The Cornicabra fruit produces oil that is relatively dark yellow in colour. The taste is soft and fruity, with notes of bitterness and spice.

Contrary to what some may believe, the colour of the oil is no indication of its quality – the real telling is in the taste and odour.

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